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Assurance Services That Go Beyond Checking the Boxes!

Our audit attestation and other assurance services are driven by our dedication to the public trust, and defined by integrity, objectivity and independence. We practice strict adherence to all professional standards, regulations and laws at all times. The interests of our clients, including owners, investors and other stakeholders, are served in accordance with the appropriate professional standards. While the primary objective of the audit process is to provide varying degrees of assurance on the underlying financial data, our auditors utilize experience and training to provide clients with financial, internal control and operational recommendations that can help improve their business.

E & M auditors have specialized knowledge of specific industry sectors, allowing us to perform each audit with a unique, value-added perspective. Our assurance and accounting services include:

  1. Audit & attestation
  2. Accounting
  3. Employee benefit plan audit
  4. Public sector compliance

The service characteristics of our assurance and accounting services professionals include hands-on, year-round contact with our clients, who benefit from our commitment to service continuity and the utilization of our most experienced professionals during their audits. Our audit approach is grounded in a tested and efficient methodology that ensures the consistent ability to meet stated deadlines and commitments with no unwelcome surprises to our clients.