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Entrepreneurial Services

We Focus on Accounting, So You Can Focus on What Counts…!

For an entrepreneur, every Shilling and every hour matters. By bringing in Ernest & Martin Associates to provide entrepreneurial consulting, you can have more time and cash to reinvest back into your business. Our Entrepreneurial Consulting Team helps structure meaningful financial systems so each decision you make, from the long-term to the day-to-day, is backed by solid, up-to-date information.

We know how a good business grows, and can help your small business outsourced accounting and taxation areas critical to entrepreneurs. By providing entrepreneurs with small business outsourced accounting, we allow your full-time staff to stay dedicated to bringing in and keeping business.

We not only help businesses start and thrive, we also help plan for the future, be it a transition in leadership, an initial public offering or a transfer of ownership. We provide entrepreneurial consulting in the following areas:

  1. Forming, reorganizing or dissolving an entity
  2. Tax planning and structuring
  3. Small business outsourced accounting
  4. Implementing bookkeeping and accounting systems
  5. Financial statement review
  6. Cash-flow, payroll and budget forecasting