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Tax Services

Quality Tax Advisory That Moves You Forward…..!

At Ernest and Martin Associates, our tax accounting service professionals guide our clients through a maze of tax laws, regulations and rulings. In addition to our main goal of helping clients stay compliant, we also have an intense focus on helping them grow.

Each E &M tax consultant brings to the table all of the credentials you would expect — including advanced education, law and/or master of taxation degrees. They also have practical business experience, and an integrated, consultative approach to providing tax accounting service.

Your E & M tax consultant provides advice and insights tailored to your industry, type of business or individual tax situation. Our tax accounting service and advisory includes such benefits as:

  1. Tax Preparation and Compliance — ensuring corporate, partnership and individual filings are timely, complete and accurate
  2. Audit Representation — resolving tax notices, addressing tax audits and appealing positions with Tax authorities
  3. Tax Law Changes — keeping you abreast of all the latest relevant changes in legislation
  4. Advance Rulings — preparing documents and negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service to facilitate decisions prior to financial transactions

Our approach to tax advisory — whether we’re serving individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability corporations or estates is defined by a personalized approach to planning and preparation. Our tax consultant services include:

Corporate Tax Solutions

– Tax provision
– Tax outsourcing
– Tax technology

Specialty Tax Services

– Accounting methods
– Compensation & benefits
– Credits & incentives
– Estates & trusts
– International tax
– Non-profit tax
– Local tax
– Tax controversy


Corporate Tax Solutions

Some Businesses See Corporate Tax Planning and Compliance as a Headache; We See Opportunity..!

Whether undertaking acquisition activity, expanding operations or meeting increasingly burdensome corporate tax planning deadlines, businesses are constantly confronted with the challenges of complying with tax compliance and regulations inherent in accounting. E & M’s Corporate Tax Solutions Team tailors its approach to your unique situation in order to support your finance team and generate opportunities for cost reduction and tax savings.

The Team brings expertise in both industry and public accounting to your tax compliance and regulatory needs. Our diverse team has experience providing accounting services for businesses across spectrum of industries, ranging in size from 1 million to over 40 million in revenue.


Specialty Tax Services

Reaching Your Growth Potential Doesn’t Have to be Taxing on Your Business…!

At Ernest and Martin Associates, we’ve designed our specialty tax practice with one thing in mind: accelerating client growth. As a recognized, growth-oriented firm ourselves, we have the resources, including experienced tax specialists, to help you make the most of emerging opportunities while minimizing compliance headaches.

The E & M Specialty Tax Group stands ready to assist by providing the full spectrum of tax advisory services. Our dedicated team of Tax offers an incomparable depth of current practical experience, delivering high-quality specialty tax services designed to help our clients achieve and maintain consistent growth.