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Audit and Attestation

We Don’t Just Audit Your Past; We Strengthen Your Future….!

Whether striving to expand and improve operations, attract or secure growth or investment capital or simply negotiate more favorable terms with their existing lender, we assist our clients in presenting their financial statements in the most informative and accurate manner possible. Our audit of these financial statements is often a required element in helping our clients meet their financing and growth objectives.

In order to accomplish financial statement audit objectives in a highly-effective manner that is meaningful to our clients, E & M employs an industry-specific, risk-based approach to auditing and assurance services, as well as attestation services. Proper planning, testing and accurate reporting, all with a strong emphasis on risk assessment, define our audit philosophy.

Our clients benefit from enhanced communication and streamlined internal processes that ensure we always meet or beat reporting deadlines and avoid surprises relating to our auditing and assurance services. The use of technology, including data extraction software and electronic work papers, adds to our efficiency and the ability to tailor our audit plan to each client’s operational structure.

E&M can play an integral role in your financial reporting processes

We can provide different kinds of assurance on your organizations financial statements to meet stakeholders’ needs. Whether your business is public or private, you should be confident in your financial reporting processes. We offers financial reporting services in the three fundamental levels of assurance:

  1. Audit: Our audit services provide users with an opinion on whether the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with an applicable financial report framework. This enhances the degree of confidence that users can place on an organization’s financial statements.
  2. Review: A review provides limited assurance that there are no material modifications to financial statements.
  3. Compilation: Geared more towards internal use and a lower level of assurance, our compilation services is to assist management in presenting financial information without providing any assurance on the financial statements.

 Internal Audit – Financial & Operational Audit Services

As your internal Audit team and Partner, we can provide quality and objective financial, operational Compliance Process and special project internal audit services to a diverse client base. Our regional reach and broad array of resources enable us to bring value, independence and perspective to your organization.

We Can Structure Our Service Delivery to Meet Your Needs:

Co-sourcing – we can provide experienced and fully qualified internal audit professionals to address a variety of needs for your organization, whether it is filling in for temporary staff shortages or providing assistance for a specific project, industry or technical audit need.

Outsourcing – we can assist management in providing a full service internal audit team reporting to your Audit Committee. We tailor our services to work with management, developing and implementing an internal audit plan that meets specific client needs.

Financial and Operational Audit Services

The number of organizations co-sourcing internal audit and regulatory compliance has increased dramatically in recent years. The trend is due, in part, to the increased skill sets expected of the risk management staff and management’s desire to have these individuals function as business consultants. Economics also play a big role in the co-sourcing decision, with many companies reducing overall audit and compliance costs through co-sourcing. Some of the advantages our clients have experienced by co-sourcing include added industry expertise, cost savings and a reduction of risk to the organization.

Industry Expertise

The regulatory and technological environments are highly complex and require that internal audit and compliance staff to spend considerable time identifying, understanding and becoming proficient in a wide variety of risk areas and technical functions. It is difficult for a small staff to maintain the appropriate knowledge base for all facets of their industry. E & M’s key internal audit and compliance staff have a breadth of knowledge across a number of industries.

Cost Savings

Co-sourcing often can be more cost-effective than employing internal staff. By co-sourcing specialty needs and short-term staffing shortages, you eliminate the costs of salaries, benefits, vacations, holidays, social time, training and supervision. We accept the personnel risk, and you pay for professional services only. One hundred percent of your costs go toward completing internal audits and compliance matters.

Risk-Based Approach

We work with management to identify the internal audit areas and compliance issues that represent the highest risk to the organization and focus detailed testing in these areas. This approach allocates more of the client’s co-sourcing money to the most critical issues and reduces the overall risk. Co-sourcing is not meant to replace management’s diligence and responsibility for the monitoring of internal controls of the organization. We view co-sourcing as a support mechanism by which we provide ongoing review and reporting to management and the Audit Committee. We schedule our work to avoid disruption to operations or burden to management and staff. To maintain independence and objectivity, we are not involved in management decision making.